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Neglecting the effect of gravity in making resistance during all physical movements, the free weights method holds the resistance on the muscle constant throughout the joint’s range of motion, while we are using weight machines it makes variable resistance, with the resistance changing throughout the joint's range of motion of a human body.

What is the key difference between free weights and weight machines?

Weight machines have fixed shaped cams that change the torque needed of the muscles by making change the lever arm of the resistance force or the applied muscular force.

Thus, weights machines create more stress out on the muscles at the angles where muscles can make greater force.

Since there are keys in a joint’s joint's ranges of motion where the muscle is stronger and keys where it is weaker, and the count of weight can lift is fixed by their weakest point, free weights losing methods provide only as a strong enough training stimulus for the weak points positions.

How often should I work out for losing weight?

Losing weight is not a joke and making a fit body is also not possible for all people. Only Exercise and a proper healthy diet can make you happy. Exercising only three days a week may be enough for those who are previously done several works out and be a part of a proper diet to improve their fitness, but it will take more physical exercise to see further regular improvement.

How do I rid of flabby arms?

 One of the effective exercise myths is that you can lose weight in the areas of the body by hard exercise or training that specific body part.

The fact is that we cannot dictate where our body parts will decide to reduce the fat cause this spot reducing and spot toning is not working properly for us.

It depends on, your skin will become low elastic and thus conform low to your arms. So “flabby arms” are somewhat a result of age. Any exercise or training that reduces body fat percentage or calories will help you lose weight or fat in your arms, just as it will help you lose fat from other parts of the body.

How can I found products on Skyfit Nepal?

How can I signup for Skyfit Nepal?

You can join us by clicking the Register button and we will guide you through your signup process.

Does Skyfit Nepal sell Own products?

No, we are not selling our own products. All products on skyfitnepal.com are provided by supplier members.

 You can choose one of the ways to find products as follows:

1. Use the Product listing page of skyfitnepal.com has classified machines and items.

2. Use keywords search for quick

Can Skyfit Nepal recommend specific items for me?

1. Please send us an inquiry to the source and then we will match products for you.

2. Subscribe or select your favorite machine or product and then we will send a list of products related to your choice.

3. Make a call or email to us directly, We'll get back to you as soon as possible.