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Skyfit Nepal introduces sport and fitness automated machines and some amazing sports items which reporting for real-time selling and buying communication.

Skyfit Nepal is one of the best teleshop markets for sports and fitness-related products and machinery items like as, treadmill, Stationary Bicycle, Rowing Machine, step mill, Exercise machine so on.

Today announced the release of Dashboards, delivering new methods for teams to deliver service, third parties products, and report on their quality with just a click.

 Skyfit Nepal, amazing Dashboards feature charts with social media specialist, giving leaders a clear view of their team’s work without having to chase down information or attend in-person status programs.

Skyfit Nepal Dashboards are designed so that leaders can quickly visualize where required products and if they need additional support they can directly chat or call our help centre.

Followed by intelligent reporting, our dashboard features multiple, customizable charts that auto-populate with people insights in real-time.

Skyfit Nepal wants to help our users with their shopping, from small items to strategic machinery.  For more information, please visit